COVID-19 and New Virtual Consultations

virtual window quotes

Does Shaking Hands on a Deal Have You Shaking in Your Boots? No doubt the COVID-19 Coronavirus has most small business owners on edge. What does the future hold for small businesses who rely on in home sales? The future is unpredictable, but here is what we see in the forecast for window replacement companies.…

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Window Source Augusta – New Location

Window Source Locations

Window Source Augusta The Window Source is proud to announce the opening of new territory into the Augusta ,GA market. The Window Source is a national brand with over 40 locations nationwide, specializing in Replacement Windows, Doors, and Siding. Owner, Tyler Smith and his team have had great success with The Window Source of Athens…

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The $189 Window- Fact or Fiction?

$189 windows

The $189 Window You see it all time. Window replacement companies advertising replacement windows for under $200. $189 installed with a lifetime warranty. So you do the math – 10 windows x $189 = $1890. That’s affordable. Seems almost too good to be true, right? That’s because it is. This form of advertising is called…

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3 Things to Consider Before Replacing Your Windows

3 Things to Consider Before Replacing Your Windows   Does choosing a window company in Augusta make your head spin? It’s understandable. There are a ton of options for replacing your windows in Augusta. You can hire anyone, from the big box stores to the one-man show. Making the choice on who to go with…

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How Much Energy will Replacement Windows Save You?

Save Energy with Replacement Windows There are many reasons why you might find yourself thinking about window replacement. Maybe your basement is always freezing, or you dread the sight of your energy bill every month. No matter what, everyone can benefit from new energy efficient windows. The question is: how much energy can you save with…

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Replacement Windows: Up Close and Personal

Have you ever wondered: How  in the world is that made? If you look closely at a vinyl replacement window, you may ask yourself that question. Last week we traveled to Toledo, OH to get an up close and personal look at our manufacturing plant. After a 2 hour long tour, filled with every question…

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