What Do Replacement Windows Cost?

How do I choose the best windows for my home?

We here at The Window Source have realized that the options can be overwhelming, and you’re probably thinking, “I don’t know what all of this means, where do I even start?” Well, you start here! This is the fun part, I promise, you get to pick the newest feature to your home!

All Windows here are custom-made for your specific needs, measurements, and wants. Your dream windows are possible. We make it simple, without pressure, and we want to give you all the facts upfront.

So… What do you all Window Source Windows come with?

  • Custom-made to fit your openings. 
      • As mentioned before, this is so your perfect window comes in the perfect size for the perfect fit.

  • Fusion welded sashes and master frame with full 3¼ inch depth.
        • This means that your window frame is basically impossible to break or separate
        • Making your windows airtight and waterproof.
  • Premium Virgin Vinyl is used for all sash and frame parts.
      • This is a low-maintenance material which means no cracking, no chipping, no peeling, and no warping.
      • No regrind in the future!

  • Multi-chambered frame construction
      • Adds even more strength and thermal efficiency to keep the outside, outside.
  • Double Insulated Glass 
      • At a wonderful ⅞ inch thick! This is 7 times the required thickness of your glass making those accidents like when a kiddo is playing nearby and a ball just so happens to end up in your living room, this will help.
  • Warm Edge Spacer Technology
    • This is the piece that sits around the glass of your window used in a process called glazing. It helps seal up the glass to your frame.

  • Extruded Lift Rails
    • Because of how this rail(the part that your window sits in to make it open) is made the cross sections in the metal make it sturdier and longer lasting.
    • Includes no mechanical fasteners that could work loose.

  • Interlocking meeting rail for a tight seal between sashes.

  • Top and bottom sashes tilt in for easy cleaning.

  • Sturdy cam-action locks pull sashes tightly together.
    • This is the part that makes your window lockable when closed.

  • Welded true sloped sill drains
      • Folks we live in Georgia. It’s humid. When it rains those puddles go right into the air, and that’s if they evaporate at all. This fixes that problem. No more puddling on your window sill attracting the dog-sized mosquitos we all hate.

  • Interior Balance System Covers
    • This allows for easy smooth opening and closing of your window, so it doesn’t get off kilter and catch.

  • Double cam-action locks 
    • This is for wide window units! Starting in units over 25 inches wide.

  • Dual vent latches for more secure ventilation.

  • Fin Seal Weather-stripping
    • A type of pile weather-stripping that includes a Mylar fin(the bouncy, compressable part) to make your stripping more durable so it doesn’t lose its seal.

  • Heavy-duty screens with metal-reinforced corners.

So… What Do Replacement Windows Cost?

It is important to remember that every project is different. We have a variety of window types and features. However, the baseline cost is $529 per window which includes all the features listed above. To get an estimate for your project fill out the form here: https://windowsourceaugusta.com/request-an-appointment/ and one of our staff will help you get started.

So… What Types of Windows do you Carry?

Our Standard Windows are:

  • Double-Hung
    • Both the top and the bottom windows slide open.
  • Bow
    • A window unit that bumps out the exterior of the wall forming a curve. The perfect spot for your morning coffee or reading a book while it rains.
  • Bay
    • Very similar to the Bow style, it also projects from the house, however it is more trapezoid in shape.
  • Casement
    • These are commonly referred to as crank-out windows. They open outward on the vertical axis.
  • Awning
    • These are also crank-out windows, but they open outward on the horizontal axis.
  • Sliding
    • Open side-to-side rather than up and down.

Our Specialty Windows are:

  • Commercial Replacements
  • Aluminum Wood Clad
    • Best for Historic Preservation projects.
  • Garden
    • A window unit that projects for your house, and works as a mini greenhouse.
  • Basement Hopper
    • An inward opening window that was created to fit into the tight short spaces of a basement.
  • Sunrooms

Other Services:

  • Entry Doors
  • Sliding Glass Doors
  • Siding


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