Sandstone Grey Windows – Lawrenceville, GA

The Window Source of Augusta Brings Energy Efficiency to a Lawrenceville Home

Have you ever lived in a house with windows painted shut? If you have, then you are fully aware of the inconvenience such a situation poses – limiting natural ventilation and posing safety hazards. But not anymore for a beautiful home in Lawrenceville. We at The Window Source of Augusta were delighted to offer a breath of fresh air (literally) with our new energy-efficient, double hung windows in an appealing sandstone color.

A Fusion of Grey and Beige

Our sandstone color is a beautiful fusion of beige and Grey. This color was perfect for this home, complimenting the trim and brick exterior beautifully, and creating a harmonious blend of style and function. The sandstone colored double hung windows not only elevate the aesthetics of this home, they offer unmatched energy efficiency and functionality.

Superior Energy Efficiency with 9000 Series Replacement Windows 

We replaced the wooden ,painted shut windows with our superior 9000 series replacement windows. These windows have excellent energy-saving properties, a must-have for homeowners who aim to lower energy costs and enhance their living comfort. The insulation properties of these windows reduce the amount of energy used in heating and cooling the home, making them a favorite among homeowners seeking to make their homes more energy efficient.

Beyond Energy Efficiency 

Beyond just energy efficiency, these sandstone double hung windows bring about a complete transformation of the home. Double hung windows offer a classic, timeless appeal and blend well with most architectural styles. They are versatile and are a preferred option for homeowners seeking to add some elegance to their homes without sacrificing functionality.

Experience The Window Source of Augusta Difference 

The Lawrenceville homeowners are pleased with the transformation of their home. Not only does their home now boast of energy-efficient windows that lower heating and cooling costs, but the overall curb appeal of the home has greatly improved with our sandstone double hung windows.

This transformation showcases the significant difference quality, energy-efficient replacement windows can make in any home. Let The Window Source of Augusta bring this difference to your home too. If you need energy-efficient replacement windows that perfectly match your home’s exterior while improving comfort and aesthetics, then The Window Source of Augusta has got you covered. Get in touch with us today, and experience the difference for yourself.

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