Sub Contractor vs. Employee

Window Installers: Sub Contractor vs. Employee

Did you know the majority of replacement window companies use sub contractors for their installation process? There are pros and cons to both subs and employee installers. Let’s weigh out the pros and cons.


Pros and Cons – Subcontractors

The pros of using subcontractors for your window installation is that typically sub contractors are paid by window until installed. This means they are ready to get in and out fast! The benefit for window replacement companies is the windows are installed quickly- in term, the payment is delivered quickly. This is a plus for window replacement companies because you receive your payment quickly. This is also a plus for customers who may be on time straits and want the job done quickly.

The down fall to using subcontractors is the quality. Like I mentioned, the faster the better for subcontractors. They get paid and are ready to move on to the next job. Fast doesn’t always mean you will get the best quality. It all depends on the subcontractors a company uses. If the customer is not happy with their window installation, the issues fall back on the window replacement company, not the sub contractor.


Pros and Cons- Employees

Now let’s talk employee based window installers. Employees will always be loyal to the company they work for. Window replacement companies see a huge decrease in cancellations or rescheduling installations when their installers are on payroll. Quality is top notch because of the fact that an employee installer takes his time. Being on a salary, there is no need to rush a job. They also know that if the installation is not up to par, they will be the ones making the trip back out to the customer to fix any unsatisfactory work. In short- customer experience seems to be at its best when the companies window installation crews are employees.

The downfall to having employees as window installers is the cost for the window company. Employees require payroll and tax expense, fuel cost, and sometimes may require a company vehicle. There is really no negative aspects for the customer. Customers will get quality work and work with someone who represents a company with pride.

What Do You Prefer?

The last person a customer communicates with after purchasing new windows is typically the installation crew. Would you rather deal with a subcontractor who may have been chosen from a list of 20+ installers and sent to work inside your home? Many of the window companies who use subs, choose who will do certain installations based on availability. After all, subs go from one company to another in search for work. This means the person coming into your home may be randomly picked from a list and sent to your home. Will you get the best or the bottom of the bucket?

There are situations where window replacement companies who have salary based employees have to bring in sub contractors based on demand. If work is slow, you can’t just fire employees and bring them back when work picks up. The Window Source Augusta is transitioning to this employee based installer process. We prefer to pay a little more for quality and loyalty. When demand is heightened we do use subcontractors. Our subcontractors are top notch and have been working with our company for years. We just understand we have to work around their schedules.

If you are in the market for replacement windows, consider asking these 3 questions.

  • First, ask yourself what you would prefer. Fast installation or quality installation?


  • Ask the window company if they use sub or employees for their projects.


  • If the company does use sub contractors, ask for references so that you know their work is top notch.

Installation is key to the success of our company and reputation. Subcontractor or employee – The Window Source Augusta only uses the best. So that you are guaranteed quality installation.


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