Finding the Best Vinyl Window Company in Augusta

Finding the best vinyl window company in Augusta

Your windows are on their last leg, you have a budget set, now the search begins. How are you going to find the best vinyl window company in Augusta to fit your needs and budget?

First, what is your definition of  the “best”? It may be simply the best price. It could be quality and price. It could even come down to who will offer the best customer experience.


Let’s talk vinyl window quality. You may have already done your research and know that most vinyl windows have slights pros and cons but overall the same basic functions. Double-hung, energy saving, and maintenance free. Assuming this is true, let’s mark that off the list.


Now price. Vinyl replacement windows in Augusta can range anywhere from $350-$1000 installed. Depending on the warranty and the company you are dealing with. Besides the vast difference in pricing, the quality and warranties don’t seem to vary. Most reputable window replacement companies will back their products with a lifetime warranty. Our philosophy is never pay more for the same thing. The products are the same, the warranty is the same so what’s all the hype with these $700-$1000 windows? Your guess is as good as ours. Price is a no brained, you should be between $350-$550/ window depending on the options you choose.

Customer Experience

Customer experience seems to be lost these days in the hustle of high pressure sales and the in and out sales experience that comes with replacement windows. Wouldn’t it feel good giving your money to a company who in return will take care of your every need, even after the installation is complete?

  • Is the sales experience enjoyable and informative or pushy and uncomfortable?
  • Does the company offer rewards programs for referring your friends and neighbors?
  • Will a project manager be on site at your installation to walk the job and make sure your expectations have been met?
  • Say you have service needs after installation. How easy is the process to file a service claim, are you able to simply file this on the company website?

These are all good questions to ask if your definition of “best” requires top notch customer experience. All companies claim to be the best but a google search can tell you a lot about a company before you even meet with someone. Google search “window replacement company near me reviews” or “window company near me complaints” . This will give you a glimpse of the type of customer experience you can expect from multiple window replacement companies.

If your searching for the best vinyl window company in Augusta. Consider what “best” means to you. Quality products, fair pricing and excellent customer experience all make up our definition of “The Best Window Company in Augusta”.

For information on The Window Source Augusta’s vinyl windows, pricing and customer experience give us a call 470-275-5159 or schedule your free estimate.

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