What to Expect on Installation Day

What to Expect on Installation Day

You can’t exactly snap your fingers and have new windows, but the installation process is less complicated than most people think. We’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions from homeowners who are looking to have their windows replaced with the Window Source of Augusta.


Will my interior window trim be damaged or need to be replaced?


No, no trim will be damaged or need to be replaced. The first step of our replacement process is to remove the vertical strip of material called the window stop that separates the frame from the window sash. Once this is out of the way, it is easy to remove the sashes themselves, leaving the interior trim completely untouched.


Are my window blinds still going to fit with new windows?


Yes. Our windows are custom designed to fit the spaces that your current windows will leave behind. That means no new blinds are needed with for Window Source windows. We’ll tell you ahead of time if we’d like you to remove your current blinds before we get there.


Will the installation process take days or even weeks to complete?


The most complicated window projects could take around two days. But the average home can have its windows replaced in one afternoon. Your window consultant can give you a more accurate estimate once they’ve looked at the particulars of your job.


Once we’ve finished installing, we perform a final walk through of all the new windows, making sure we didn’t leave any detail unchecked. Then we wait on your final sign-off; we’re only satisfied once you’re satisfied with our work.


How much is the installation going to cost me?


Our window installation is 100% free. As a standard part of our installation, we put floor covers down so that your interior isn’t damaged. Once the glass has been installed, we make sure to check the window so it operates properly, and then we finally seal both the interior and exterior with airtight caulking.


How long will it take to get my windows installed after placing my order?


The installation crew will arrive around 3 weeks after you place the order. 3 weeks is how long it takes for your windows to be custom-made to your specifications by the manufacturer.


We will always call ahead of time to inform you of the date and time you can expect us to arrive, to make sure it works well for you.


You will have a chance to meet all of our team members and get to know us before the work starts. Before any work happens, we’ll give you a run-through of what you can expect for the rest of the day, so everyone stays on the same page.


Call us now at 470-275-5159, or get an online estimate today to find out what replacement windows on your home will cost.

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