What’s the Hype with Double-Hung Windows?

What’s the hype with double-hung windows?


If you’ve been window-shopping at all, you’ve heard the term “double-hung windows”. They have become the standard window replacement option in the majority of American homes. It’s not hard to see why: simple construction, easy operation, functionality and affordability make double-hung windows a very popular choice.


What does “Double-Hung” mean?

Double-hung refers to the two sashes which hang side by side in the window opening. The top sash hangs behind the front sash, and they can move up and down the window frame independently.

This is an improvement from single-hung windows, which were the standard a decade ago. Single-hung windows only allow the bottom sash to be lifted, which limits ease of cleaning and breeze flow.


The Easiest Windows to Clean

One of the simplest features of our double-hung windows is also the most life-changing. Double-hung windows have an upper and lower sash, both of which tilt in for easy cleaning from inside your house. No more getting on dangerous ladders to clean top floor windows. Our tilt-in feature makes your windows accessible in a single step.


The Most Affordable Windows

Double-hung windows make use of gravity and simple spring balances to open and close. When compared to the mechanical components of a casement window, it’s easy to see that double-hung windows are more simple to manufacture. For this reason, double-hung windows can often be offered at a lower price than casement windows.

Double-hung windows are also easily customizable: we offer options such as low-E glass and double- or triple-paned glazing.


Easiest to Operate

Double-hung windows have a simple system of operation. Two latches on top lock and unlock the window sashes with a simple flick of the thumb. Outside of these latches, two notches release the sash from the frame when pulled at the same time. This will cause the sash to tilt in for cleaning and air circulation.

You won’t have to struggle and strain to open our windows, and they stay up when you want them to. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist—we certainly aren’t.


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